Welcome to 3SM.org and to 3rd Sector Marketing. We’re a small-but-agile marketing and digital consultancy based in South West London (in the UK) – offering a broad range of services, primarily aimed at small and medium-sized charities and non-profit organisations.

Our mission is to keep things simple. Demystifying technology, while using it to help organisations achieve their objectives, enhance their effectiveness… or simply help get things back on track. And, by providing affordable access to senior-level marketing and digital expertise, there’s no need for long-term financial commitments or complex service-level agreements that always seem stacked against you. Indeed, we pride ourselves on being approachable, conscientious and values-driven. Above all, we are extremely proud to serve the third sector – and excited to help anyone who wants to make the world a better place.

How can we help?

Whether you need extra support boosting your profile, promoting your campaigns to a wider audience, attracting new volunteers, supporters or members, or generating additional income, you can tap into our wealth of marketing and digital knowledge and experience – gained during more than 20 years working at a senior-level across both the commercial and third sectors – in a way that’s tailored to your organisation’s unique circumstances and your own shifting priorities.

Whatever challenges you face, we can provide objective strategic advice, hands-on support, or a combination of the two. From advising on Brand Development, to preparing your ROI-focused Marketing Strategy, or setting up and optimising your Google Ad Grant activity. Maybe you need an extra pair of hands to sort out a chaotic Social Media presence, organise a spectacular Launch Event, manage the end-to-end production of a new range of Printed Materials, handle arrangements for a Radio Promotion or Film Production, or negotiate with media owners, agencies or corporate benefactors on your behalf. Or perhaps you need someone to Project Manage the complex design and build of your new website, CRM system or online store – all delivered on time and on budget. Not a problem.

Alternatively, we can help recruit your marketing team, recommend external specialists who may be better-suited to your needs, assess the performance of your existing third-party suppliers, or even guide the selection process for hiring new service providers. While our overriding goal is to help you get the most out of your existing resources, if you suspect the status quo needs shaking up a little, we can equip you with the unvarnished truth. Then help you determine the best possible outcome, and achieve it with minimal disruption. Most of the time, this simply means hitting the ‘reset button’ – helping things (processes or people) work better together.

Whatever your specific requirements, we can help. Or point you in the right direction. It’s all in a day’s work.

Our Commitment to you

With every assignment, big or small, our aim is to deliver the most cost-effective, creative and channel-neutral solutions possible. Using the tools and activities most likely to work best and deliver the longest lasting benefits, rather than what’s merely trending right now. This, coupled with a friendly, flexible and collaborative approach – listening carefully to your aims and objectives, thoroughly interrogating the brief and then adapting to change whenever necessary – is key to getting the best results, time after time. And that’s our unwavering commitment to you.